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I was born in Germany to Iranian parents and moved to the US at age 5. I started racing BMX at age 7 and have been hooked on competition since. I raced BMX at the expert level through age 15. I was well-known for my wild style and was always a crowd favorite at the track.

Joe Farasati


The style and aggression of drifting was a natural evolution. I placed 3rd overall in the Super Am series in 2012. In 2013, I placed 3rd overall in the Sonoma Drift series. In 2014, I placed 2nd at Sonoma Summer Jam. I helped create the Sonoma Drift series in 2009 and am still involved today.

I am dedicated to the drifting community. When I’m not driving, I volunteer at Sonoma Raceway setting up drift courses for Wednesday Night Drift and other raceway events.

 joe tuning

I live in sunny Petaluma, California with my wife, Shagy, and my daughter. I speak English, Farsi and German. 

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